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In 1997, coinciding with the release of that awesome record that Nimrod is, Billie Joe considered that just composing songs for Green Day wasn’t enough for him, and that he also wanted to support other bands and release their music. That’s why he founded Adeline Records, a label that has been the household of bands like AFI, Dillinger Four, or The Frustrators. We knew very little about it, so we decided to fight back our ignorance by interviewing the people of Adeline. Scientia est potentia (what a culture buff I am!). 

When and how was the idea of starting a label born?

We (the current staff) are not sure how or exactly when the idea for the label was born but Adeline Records was formed in Oakland, CA in late 1997 by Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day, his wife Adrienne Armstrong, and Jim Thiebaud, professional skateboarder.  The label has since come under the management of Pat Magnarella, Green Day’s management, and is based just outside of San Diego, CA.

What is the band Adeline Records‘ is the most proud of, the least proud of, and why?

We’re proud of all of the bands we have worked with and grateful that we’ve been able to work with so many really great musicians in the past few years. There are really no favorites to choose.

What record failed to fulfill your sales expectations the most, either positively or negatively?

Can’t really mention any in particular, but when working on any type of project there’s always the risk on its performance. You can put as much effort as you can, but there’s never a guarantee that you will have a success (at whatever level).

How do you choose the bands you want for your label? Do you admit proposals directly from the bands? In that case, how could the bands get in touch with you?

A lot of times we sign bands that we hear about from friends or from bands we currently work with. It really works well this way since you’re hearing about them from people who are generally likeminded and you can trust. We do accept submissions, but due to the volume it’s not a guarantee that we will get to each one. Email is usually the best bet when bands get in touch.

New technologies: an advantage or a disadvantage?

It’s both. Technology has helped us make our music available to anyone with access to a computer or even just a phone. Distributing this way has been a great asset to the label. On the flip side, it’s just as easy to bypass paying anything. But it’s just something you have to adjust to because technology will continue to move forward whether you agree with it or not. Luckily there has been a resurgence in vinyl sales, so there’s definitely a way to push physical sales while catering to those wanting the convenience of digital music.

What band would you definitely like to have in your label and why?

Would love to do another AFI release! It’s also fun to work with Green Day, so it would be great to do a follow up to Awesome As F*** that we recently did exclusively on vinyl.

Green Day - Awesome As Fuck

How would you describe the current punk / hardcore scene?

It’s interesting. In the past few years things have changed pretty drastically. We’re in the middle of a new wave of punk bands that are putting news spins on the genre. Stickup Kid, Story So Far, Wonder Years, Balance & Composure etc. are putting the punk/hardcore scene back on the map that seemed to have been in a slight lull a years back.

What punk / hardcore record should everybody have?

There are too many to list! Some of our favorites are AFI’s Sing The Sorrow, Green Day’s Insomniac, Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come. That’s a start.

Any dreams for the future?

Just to continue to put out records that we hope people enjoy as much as we do.

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